What can I expect?

To get started, just send me a message or give me a call with any questions/concerns you may have.  I’m happy to have a brief consultation with you to make sure I’m the right fit for you and your family.  If we choose to proceed, we will schedule your appointment and you can complete paperwork by the links below.  Please bring those to your 1st appointment or email them to me once completed.  I will also send you a link to my patient portal that you can set up an account with your general information.

neurofeedback therapy

During our initial evaluation, we will discuss current concerns and your reason(s) for seeking therapy services.  I will collect past and current information and we will collaboratively discuss the goals we will strive toward and the best treatment modality to use.  Therapy is typically scheduled weekly until we are closer to meeting goals.  Neurofeedback is scheduled twice a week unless you can only commit to once a week. Twice a week is ideal until goals are closer to being met.  After goals are being met, we can reduce the frequency of appointments to weekly, every other week, monthly, as needed. Once goals are achieved and we mutually decide that continuing support is not necessary we will terminate therapy.

Please bring only the signed papers to your first appointment.

Therapy Consent Policies & Agreement